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HQ Program

Welcome to Darmstadt, the city of science and home to Merck

At our Innovation Center, workspaces, meeting rooms, co-creation areas and communication technologies will be available to you. You will share the space with other project teams. Every team will be supported by a mentor from our senior management as well as external mentors. This mentor and the Innovation Center team can provide you with contacts to further internal and external experts from various disciplines as well as investors and other interesting partners. Furthermore, there is a curriculum with standard modules such as BMC and Design Thinking to give you the chance to challenge your idea as much as possible. The other part of the program are tailored workshops according to your needs. If necessary, we will support you with temporary housing for the duration of the program.

Benefit from what we already know

Vast experience and network

Get access to mentors from Senior Management and our global network of 50,000+ experts.

Benefit from tailored coaching sessions and workshops provided by the Merck Innovator Academy.

Kick off your startup project with seed funding and join our investor network.

Team up with others facing the same challenges and build life-long relationships.

Make lifetime connections

YOU have a great idea that you want to concentrate on for a whole three months. Perhaps your team has developed a product that is set to be taken to the market, or you are ready to internationalize your business.

WE support you with everything you need – from the necessary funds, to mentoring and infrastructure. Make the most of access to our network of over 50,000 experts and alumni, hailing from 66 countries. Your startup has the potential to not only make people’s lives richer, but also reshape an entire industry? Then get ready for your first big leap into the future. Apply with your company and show us how it will forever change Healthcare, Life Science, or Performance Materials. We are also interested in other related fields and especially support solutions that tackle challenges from a digital perspective.

TOGETHER we can transform existing industries and conquer new markets. Our Innovation Center equips you with everything you need. Take your chance and connect with future collaboration partners. Together we are a strong alliance!

7,100 SQM

of innovation space. Opened in 2018 and spanning 6 floors, the new Innovation Center offers five times more space than our previous building. It contains a Co-Creation Space, a coffee shop, a Re-Creation Area, an entire library for market research, and much more.


to the nearest expert You never have to look far for help from Merck's experts. Bringing our experts and startup talents together under one roof means that we can work together to focus on effective support and collaboration.


The program's capacity has expanded to accommodate up to 12 startups. Surrounded by Merck's in-house innovation facilitators, the teams will have access to various internal projects and networking events.

A bustling city in the heart of Germany

The Rhine-Main region is a culturally and economically vibrant region in Hesse, Germany. It is home to the metropolises of Frankfurt and the state capitals of Wiesbaden and Mainz. Darmstadt is a city well-accustomed to witnessing big developments in science and high-tech. The city is home to several renowned scientific and technological institutions, as well as many great discoveries in chemistry and physics. Darmstadt has also been named "Digital City" and "City of the Future" in recognition of its status as Germany's most promising digital location of the future.

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