Follow our big bang startups and experience their path into a bright future

Have a look at all the startups that were supported by the Merck Accelerator Program at the Innovation Center. And if you think that this could be you, apply for the next intake of the Accelerator program! The application period for the Accelerator 2019 just started!

The people behind the big bang startups



Startups from our last intake


A software to track, analyse and forecast field conditions in real-time by tracking location specific sensor data.

A machine learning platform that identifies significant patterns in biomedical data to create innovative diagnostics and therapies.


A machine learning software designed to enable non-experts to perform cheap and fast state-of-the-art quantum chemistry solutions.

A biotechnological platform that performs automated laboratory experiments by the use of AI, integrated sensors and digital microfluids.


Environmental friendly technologies to improve hygienic conditions without the use of conventional biocides.


AI technology designed to solve the problem of medical supply shortages by collating inventory information.


An AI data platform that accelerates knowledge generation and novel predictions from life science data.


An unmanned aircraft system, merging the advantages of a copter and a plane to enable vertical take-off and landing.

Salve Tech

A mobile app that guides patients through specialist healthcare procedures, improving patient safety and outcomes for clinics.

Syrona Women

Femtech that enables women to independently look after their reproductive health and helps to detect diseases and cancer.

Our Alumni


Oculyze develops hand-held microscopes with an image recognition service.

Living Brain

Living Brain is digitizing the rehabilitation of neurosurgery patients with neuroscience and IT.


Labfolder creates an operating system for laboratories.


MedicSen offers treatment and chronic disease management, starting with diabetes.


Coolfinity is building smart refrigerators that need just four hours of power per day to keep medication cool.


SophieBot uses artificial intelligence to answer questions related to sexual health.

Wellthy Therapeutics

Wellthy Therapeutics offers digital therapies for diabetes patients, powered by artificial intelligence.

ATR Elements

ATR is a cost effective and signal enhanced sample carrier for IR-spectroscopy used in blood testing.

Ectica Technologies

Hydrogel-based laboratory products with a 3D cell culture that closely emulate the human body , thereby allowing more reliable preclinical trials.


Using artificial intelligence to fight drug counterfeiting across Africa.

Peach Health Technologies

A software platform that uses medical records to predict and detect diseases.


An interactive, experience-based therapeutic game using VR for children in cancer care and their caregivers.


A comprehensive supply chain and data management platform for the health and pharmaceutical industries.


A digital platform to facilitate the development of clinical diagnostics and drug discovery more effectively.


Bringing the sharing economy to laboratory equipment in order to make life sciences research more accessible.


Technology to manage and analyze laboratory processes more efficiently, to enable smarter workflows.


A smart packaging solution for food and pharma that informs users about the condition of stored products in real time.

MedRx App

Making it easier for patients to find and connect with pharmacies to access the medication they need.


Developing technology that allows accurate self-diagnosis of illnesses on patients’ smartphones.


Anticipating waiting time in emergency rooms via an app.


Offering software and hardware for mobile malaria diagnosis via smartphones, without the use of blood sampling.


Employing artificial intelligence to detect plant diseases via image recognition.


Developing a digital infrastructure to make ambulances more readily accessible in Nairobi.

Maisha Meds

Delivering technological solutions and insights to improve medication delivery and primary care.


Utilizing SMS and voice technology to help reduce maternal and child mortality.


The digital pharmacy: receive instant pharmaceutical advice and have medication delivered to your doorstep – all through an app.


Arrive not only at the right place, but also the right room. The next level of guidance: indoor navigation in buildings.


New peptide chemistry technology that yields cleaner pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food additives, whilst also reducing production costs.


Using VeriPAD’s technology to empower patients affected by counterfeit medication.


Helps brands to boost sales with better packaging by printing OLED electronics on paper.