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"With the Merck Innovation Center we built a creative and agile environment where curious minds can come together to create new technologies for the business of tomorrow."

Stefan Oschmann, CEO Merck


Exploring the unexplored

Through strong connections to the startup community, scientific centers of excellence, and external partners across industries, we spin in external ideas and opportunities to our business sectors and innovation projects. In addition, we foster internal ideation. Upon selection of their idea, our employees have the opportunity to move to the Innovation Center and focus on their Innovation Projects in order to ensure successful scale-up to a viable new business for Merck.

Our pride and joy

One of the projects that came to life at the Innovation Center

People aged 65 years have a fifty-fifty chance of being affected by a cataract – clouding of the natural eye lens. Vision can only be restored by cataract surgery where the clouded lens is removed and replaced by an artificial lens. However, currently available lenses often fail to provide accurate vision for the patient. LicriEye has developed an artificial, re-adjustable lens which promises patients the restoration of 100 % of their vision and has the potential to improve millions of lives.

In the conventional method, positioning an artificial lens is challenging. The lens will not deliver perfect vision if it is not perfectly positioned. The patient therefore, may need glasses or to undergo further surgery.

With the use of a LicriEye lens, the ophthalmologist has a better chance of adjusting the lens using a laser and restoring the patient’s proper eyesight. This obviates the need to wear glasses.

Stay curious. More to come!