October 26-27, 2018

 |   Darmstadt, Germany

Join the Climathon: A Global 24-Hour Hackathon

For the first time, the city of Darmstadt is participating in the global event Climathon. Hosted at the Merck Innovation Center on 26 -27 of October, the event is dedicated to finding solutions for climate challenges.

Climathon is a global movement dedicated to solving the toughest climate challenges cities face today. The 24-hour hackathon will be taking place simultaneously in over 104 cities on 6 continents on the 26-27th of October.  

Originally conceptualized as a hackathon by EIT Climate-KIC, a body of European Union (EU) and EU’s largest public private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero-carbon economy, Climathon has  taken off as a global movement, engaging cities and innovators across the globe.


1st Climathon in Darmstadt

The Climathon 2018 will be organized by the Merck Innovation Center with the City of Darmstadt, Cesah GmbH and Döhler Group, bringing together Darmstadt-based organizations willing to act and find solutions addressing climate change.


Challenge: Sustainable food chain

One of the topics currently being worked on  at the Merck Innovation Center is to minimize the general environmental impact of food. Resource efficiency comes into play when we look at the global food chains and ask the question: “How far does food have to travel to get on a plate?” Numerous studies show that an average dinner in the US Midwest travels an average of 2500-4000km from the point-of-origin to the plate.

Combining different technologies, we want to measure the resources spent and  identify real sustainable food options in the Darmstadt region. The winning team will receive an all-inclusive trip to a sustainable food conference and more.


Registration is open until October 24th! here!

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