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Innovation Fields

At the Innovation Center, we are investing in forward-looking ideas. By analyzing current mega-trends, we identify Innovation Fields in which we see potential for new business.

Bio-sensing and Interfaces

Our first Innovation Field “Bio-sensing and Interfaces” focuses on the integration of electronics with the human body using novel sensors. This will enable faster and more accurate monitoring and treatment of health in numerous areas utilizing data analytical tools.

Imagine the possibilities!
  • Real-time remote monitoring enabling decentralized healthcare
  • Medical treatment tailored and adaptive to patient condition
  • Measurement of and response to external stimuli and metabolic reactions
  • Decrease of side effects
  • Improving the patient’s quality of life
  • Outcome- and value-based treatments

"Our vision is to become a leader in generating actionable insights into human health and developing precise and targeted therapies by enabling and integrating biosensors towards healthcare professionals, patients, and consumers."
Zeeshan Mahmood, Head of Innovation Field Bio-sensing and Interfaces

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