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Find out about what is going on in our programs, at the Innovation Center itself, and what happened in the past! We will also list external events that we support or recommend to anyone interested in innovation.


| Innovation Center

Time to share a #BigBangMoment from one of our Accelerator alumni with you: is it fresh, from our September 2016 intake, has managed to become a fully ...

The Accelerator is proud to present Cubuslab’s #BigBangMoment as it comes fresh out of the lab! Cubuslab revolutionizes the daily laboratory routine ...

This #BigBangMoment will lift you off the ground - it’s time for take-off with Wingcopter!

The startup’s product is an aero-enthusiast’s dream come ...

| Accelerator

The Accelerator is delighted to announce LifeBank’s #BigBangMoment with the successful launch of their new product! Using an innovative app, LifeBank ...