| Innovation Center

Award-winning: Exploring the Unexplored

Complementary to R&D in our business sectors, the Innovation Center aims to develop entirely new businesses and technologies beyond our current scope. We empower entrepreneurs from inside and outside the company to do this by offering them a modern working environment with agile organizational structures and lean processes.

The Merck Innovation Center links a creative working environment with a culture of openness and exchange between employees and external startups, visionaries and companies from around the world.

This approach has won us not only one but two awards recently:

  1. The Gold German Stevie Award 2019 as most innovative company with more than 2,500 employees
  2. The XING New Work Award 2019 in the category “Team”.

Congratulations to all contributors who help every day to make the Innovation Center a success:

  • The “core team” empowering intra- and entrepreneurs by fostering internal and external ideation to build a great innovation project pipeline and supporting innovation projects on their way from an early-stage concept to commercialization. They ask critical questions, share their knowledge in business modeling, provide methods and trainings, connect to startups and other cross-industry innovators, create rapid prototypes and also help to gain visibility.
  • Our project teams who push their innovation projects forward with great enthusiasm demonstrating their intrapreneurial mindset and skills to quickly build viable new business for Merck
  • Everyone at Merck who gets connected and contributes by e.g. submitting ideas, being a mentor, sharing new insights, experiences, knowledge and networks.
  • Start-ups, scientific centers of excellence and partners across industries we are collaborating with adding their technologies and approaches to our innovation projects or setting up completely new projects together.

We are very proud of you! Thank you for all your support!

Are you a PhD or experienced master student and interested in becoming an intrapreneur? Apply for our Innovation Summer School! It’s a paid 3-month intrapreneurship program (June-August 2019) that allows you to learn about intrapreneurship, meaning innovation in a corporate environment, and grow a seed idea into a “pitchable” innovation concept. Learn more here.