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Innovators' Club: Leapfrogging ahead in Artificial Intelligence

As you may know, AI is likely to turn out as the technology that will have the biggest impact on humanity in all of history. If you were not able to attend the event, now you can watch this video to learn why to make faster progress in this fascinating field will require radical innovation.

During the last Innovators´ Club at our Innovation Center in Darmstadt, Helmut Linde, Merck’s Global Head of Data Science & Analytics, outlined a new, exciting vision for the future of AI. Have a look to the video above to learn about some of the areas covered during the event:

  • A summary of the current state of play in AI developments
  • How our brains create reliable representations of objects, from animals to rocks, even when they are perceived in many different ways in the real world
  • How we can use our current and future understanding of how the brain works to create the next generation of algorithms for AI
  • Results from an early but very promising AI algorithm proof of concept

If you want to join us for the upcoming Innovators´ Club event at our Innovation Center in Darmstadt, save the date in your calendar to attend the event on the 23rd of May about the topic: “Digitalization of trust- What can blockchain really do for us?”. See you soon!